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Ashgar City Compound 

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Ashgar City is a 148 feddan gated community with a vast array of services and facilities. This residential haven is designed to cater to our clients’ needs by gratifying all aspects of their physical and emotional well-being; a noise and pollution free environment, an assuring sense of security, a close-knit community, and a leisurely atmosphere for day-to-day activities.

Kenanah district has its own charismatic individual design that encloses residential green spaces from all directions, giving privacy and directly overlooking the club which adds distinctive views for each of these units. This is in addition to the availability of the many activities, open areas surrounding residential units, such as the presence of (pergolas, seating and children’s playgrounds), which adds vitality to these areas through various social activities for Kenanah dwellers.

Ashgar City 6 October

كمبوند اشجار سيتي

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